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That Crazy French Woman in Georgia - 'The Cradle of Wine - Georgia'

Одна из лучших передач о грузинском вине.
Есть некоторые помарки в тексте.
Но в целом - просто супер!

That Crazy French Woman in Georgia - 'The Cradle of Wine - Georgia'

Isabelle Legeron is on a quest. The maverick Master of Wine is fighting for authentic wine; wine that is distinct and natural rather than tailored to the international wine mould. Where better to begin her quest than in Georgia; the birthplace of wine. Georgia has a heritage of wine-making dating back some 8,000 years, offers one of the richest collections of indigenous grape varieties anywhere in the world and even has an alphabet inspired by the shape of the grapevine. Isabelle finds a country on the point of adopting mass production techniques and pleads passionately for their historical wine-making traditions to be preserved. Isabelle also discovers a great treasure in the shape of the qvevri, a huge clay pot used for the making and storing of wine. With almost no artisans capable of making the qvevri left, Isabelle decides it's time to make a stand. Others might think her crazy but Isabelle certainly cares about her craft.

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