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Originally posted by shimerli at Первая леди Грузии на Facebook-е и Twitter-е
Певая леди Грузии Сандра Элисабет Руловс ведет интересный дневник на Фейсбуке.
(Более подробно о ней и ее деятельности можно почитать на
президентсом сайте)

Несколько постов:


I just read in a Dutch newspaper that NITROUS OXIDE could be used to guarantee painless deliveries, which would be really a revolution in obstetrics ! The other name for this powerful chemical is LAUGHING GAS
:-)))) Check out the link and refresh your chemistry lessons....
Nitrous oxide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

GORI WOMEN CHOIR AWARDED in the Netherlands Gori Women Choir has been sucessfull at the 6th edition of the Tonen2000 Choir Festival in the Netherlands that took place from

RADIO MUZA receives CDs from the Netherlands
As you can see on this picture, our Radio Muza in Tbilisi, Georgia got the first load of boxes with classical music CDs from the Netherlands ! LOOK AT ALL THOSE HAPPY FACES...

This week my husband and I are in the BIG APPLE, New York for the UN General Assembly on Millenium Development Goals. I already met many first ladies, heads of state, famous people like Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea, Donald Trump, Bob Geldof, the Dutch PM Balkenende, Wim Kok, Prince Albert of Monaco, CNN report...

Today is the first school day in Georgia and I want to wish all children, teachers and parents a great academic year!

Azerbaijani, Georgian first ladies help orphaned teenagers (PHOTO) en.trend.az
The Azerbaijani and Georgian first ladies organized visits for local orphaned teenagers and poor families as part of a cultural exchange program earlier this month.

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Много фото - здесь.

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